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Week 4 Post 1-Working on Your Business and Your Target Market

Identifying differences in companies target markets.
This Week I compared two businesses in the same industry to find differences between their target audience based on their website designs.Here is what I found:
Armstrong Nurseries:When you first open up the website, it is bright and colorful.  The text is easy to read and follow.  I gathered that Armstrong’s Target audience is the do it yourself gardener.I was impressed with their company because of how much they care for their employees. Each employee has shares in the company the time they work there.Their reasoning behind that is to promote a common care and vested interest in the store they specifically work at. I have been to Armstrong and have experienced very happy employees who are so knowledgeable. The overall design of their website and marketing is on point reaching customers of all ages and gardening experience. Their site is very clear, you can obviously tell what they are selling: flowers and plants.vegetables, fruit tre…

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