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Week 10 Email Marketing

       This weeks topic is about email marketing and its effectiveness.  I am new to business in general and really had no clue how important it could be for growth and gain of new customers.  Now I 100% understand why I get so many annoying emails from... my dentist, my doctor, my grocery stores, and small boutiques I frequent.  Each of them are trying to drive sales and keep the relationship with me going.  They want me coming back for more. For the growth of my own business I think it would be wise to do a monthly (or every other month) newsletter with inspiration for home decor for each change of season and holidays. I could write about and display pictures of beautiful ways to decorate for example a dining table or fireplace mantle for Valentines day, Easter, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years Eve.  I would enjoy giving my followers/customers easy diy ideas for their own beautiful and festive decorating for their homes with links to thinks they can purchase

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